Auxiliary Equipment


Item #: SHR-TSQ

Tru square prevents the material from moving when cutting. Forms a right angle with the ruler and is parallel to the blades.

Drop Off Bar

Item #: SHR-DOB

It's an extension of the drop-off gauge included with the shear. Provides a right hand stop that is the full length of the shear.

Metal Shear with 12" Blade

Item #SHR-M12-AC     - Metal Shear with 12" blade
Item #SHR-M12-UMA  - Upper metal replacement blade
Item #SHR-MC-999      - Curved metal shear blade re-sharpened
Item #SHR-000            - Straight metal shear blade re-sharpened

  • 12" Blade, New blade stabilizer
  • Upper curved power blades for metal
  • Size: 16"L x 19"W x 10"H
  • Weight approximately 35 lbs
  • Shear capacity: Aluminum .040" / Brass .025" / Plastic .060"

Plastic Shear with 12" Blade

Item #SHR-P12-AC
Item #SHR-P12-UMP - Upper metal replacement blade (Curved)
Item #SHR-999 - Upper Metal Shear Blade re-sharpened

  • 12" Blade
  • Bronze bushings for durability
  • Sharp upper blade for plastic only
  • Long handle for maximum shear power
  • Size: 16" x 19" x 10"
  • Weight approximately 35 lbs

13" / 19" Guillotine Metal Shears

Item #SHR-M13-AC - 13" Shears (20" x 20" x 12" / 105LB)
Item #SHR-M19-AC - 19" Shears (26" x 36" x 24" / 170LB)

  • Precision-cutting bench shear
  • Redesigned back gauge
  • Long handle for maximum shear power
  • Bronze bushings
  • Shear Capacity: Aluminum .040, Brass .025

25" Guillotine Metal Shears

25" Guillotine Shear -Many shops need a larger shear but lack the floor space to install one. Our 25" bench shear is the perfect solution. Manufactured with the highest quality materials by one of the country's leading tool manufacturers, it features a movable shear handle and blades that are both interchangeable and reversible. Like all of our shears, it is dependable and accurate and easy to service and repair.