1-Touch Laser Photo™

1-Touch Laser Photo™

1-Touch Laser Photo is an exclusive Universal Laser Systems software application that allows you to quickly and easily make almost any photograph laser engraveable. 1-Touch Laser Photo applies special filters to your image and adjusts the contrast and definition appropriately for the material being processed. Using the software is as simple as selecting your target material from a list and cropping, resizing, rotating or mirroring the image as needed.


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NEW Features!

Print Preview Mode (Want to see what your photo looks like on wood? Marble? Glass? Use 1-Touch Laser's Print Preview feature to find out without even turning on your laser. Choose from dozens of included simulation backgrounds or use your own!)
Streamlined user interface

Step 1

Open the file you want to engrave in 1-Touch Laser Photo.

Step 2

Adjust the height and width according to your material size.

Step 3

Select your material from the drop down menu.

Step 4