Rubber Stamps

Embossing Seals

Model EZ-EM
Hand held model
1-5/8", White Die

  • The soft rubber insert makes it comfortable when holding.
  • Softness in leverage makes it easier to have protrudent embossments.

Model ED
Hand helf model
1-5/8", White Die

  • Unique and beautiful finish adds bonus to its excellent mechanism.
  • Reinforced high strength steel to insure durability and rigidity.
  • Interchangeable die holders.



     Foil Labels
  LRS-FOIL6 - Red
  LRS-FOIL3 - Silver
  LRS-FOIL9 - Green

  • 2" dia.
  • 100 pcs/pkg (25 strips of 4 pieces each)




Delrin® - Seal Die Material

#LRS-DEL-122 - 12" x 12", .060" thick

Delrin® is a very hard plastic resin which can be laser engraved for the purpose of making the male and female dies for corporate seal embossers.

Delrin® replaces the older method of rotary engraving brass dies (female side) and then pouring molten lead in to the brass to create the corresponding male side of the die. With your laser engraver,
you can make the dies easily without specialized equipment.